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Saturday, 22 December 2012

Hi All!
I just wanted to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! To all my followers you have been a massive support and to those of you that read my posts regularly, leave comments and amazingly don't die of shock from my sometimes ferociously inappropriate subject matter, I wish you all the very best!
It has been an amazing year with a few more of my books due to be released early 2013, so I'm shutting down until after New Year so I can get all of this finished for the eager Hunted fans. Oh, and there will be zombies on the horizon in the New Year ... lots and lots of zombies.
Anyway, you should probably get your hands on a copy of 'The Hunted' for Christmas either for yourself or for a friend or both. I've been told by one of Santa's big-mouth elves that if you don't have a copy under the tree or sitting on your bookshelf then you will be added to the 'naughty list'.
This is fact. *Maniacal laughter*
So now that you're all on the 'nice' list, I'm going to head off, enjoy my Christmas and bid that you all do the same - be safe, be happy, be merry, and of course do what I'm going to do and eat ridiculous amounts of food despite that I know there will be a week long crying sesh followed by massive regret when the scales whisper to me 'one at a time please'.
Have a good one everyone!

Kristy :)

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  1. *smiles* Enjoy your holidays, Kristy. I plan to eat and drink a lot of garbage, too. Yes, of course that means putting in the time with the treadmill. *sigh* :)
    Cheers, my friend.



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