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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Book Review: Club Dead - Zombie Isle by Dane Hatchell

This could just be one of the shortest stories I've ever read - possibly the grossest. 
Club Dead: Zombie Isle, delves very quickly into a rapid fire plot with no particular protagonist, merely a narrative perspective of vacationers quickly regretting the decision to head to the tropics. Character names are irrelevant as they all soon fall victim to a mysterious illness that quickly sweeps across the island and claims the humanity of everyone present.
In all traditional sense this story is zombified. Flesh is eaten in abundance, people turn rapidly and others are killed for their internals as they are far too good to resist. The typical snowball effect of this horrific disease quickly exemplifys the downfall of those who are still alive. The action is limited to tearing flesh, oozing gore and streaming blood. We don't really see retaliation as the story flows quickly to conclusion, the night's horror chased by the eventuality of certain death.
Overall I enjoyed the short read and the explicit details, but I was never drawn, repulsed or awed by any one moment as there was never pause to develop emotional connections with the characters. As a short story this is to be expected, and if judging on face value, eloquence of writing style or pointed plot then I will rate Club Dead: Zombie Isle two fangs out of five.

A ridiculous undead romp on the beach. Three couples arrive at a Caribbean resort when a plague turns its residents into human flesh eaters. The story is told from multiple points of view. It's the perfect companion to an adult beverage while working on a tan.

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