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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Is Music Good for the Soul?

So, is it? Is Music good for the soul?
I'm going to have to say yes, except in any circumstance where ABBA or Country and Western music might be played with zealous enthusiasm. That shit just makes my ears bleed.
Apologies to the true believers ...
Anyway, there's just something about having your chosen boom box (look out, I'm going old school) turned up extremely loud to belt out your all time favourite tracks. Unfortunately, music also sometimes reminds you of the morose moments, almost like a bad smell in an elevator, the taste of cucumbers (hate those little green bastards), or the sight of your beloved pet crapping in the middle of your expensive Persian rug.
So, I was trolling through Itunes this afternoon wondering what songs I could add to my playlist. And, just what exactly did my collection of tunes do for my soul? What memories could I recall with certain songs, and which ones left a bad taste in my mouth?

1. One of my first boyfriends (who I was mighty keen on at the tender age of 14) declared that our song would be forever known as "Truly, Madly, Deeply" by Savage Garden. Alas, after he picked such a mushy track and dragged me off to the movies to watch Madonna in "Evita", I should have seen the writing on the wall. Alas, I'm now told this memorable boyfriend now has one of his own.

2. I'm not one for cleaning the house at the best of times, but I have to tell you, every time I hear Billy Joel's "Uptown Girl", I simply have to whip out a mop and go to town on the kitchen floor. *flies freak flag*


3. My husband who I have been happily tied to for over twelve years declared that our 'song' was Bachelor Girl's "Buses and Trains" - a song about disastrous relationships. It stuck for no other reason than it was the sound track to most of our bump ugly sessions when we first hooked up. *puts hands over parent's ears*

4. Don't hate on me, but I'm a massive Nickelback fan, and, every time I hear "Savin' me" in the car, I revert to a pimply teenage boy in a beat up old ford with way too much muffler resonance, and a mysterious confidence that makes me wind down the windows and share the experience with other drivers. Yes, for three minutes I think I'm King Shit in a Mazda.

5. There's a moment when I sometimes go for a walk. The sun is either rising in the distance or setting behind the hills as the warm breeze tousles my hair. I look over my shoulder, check for spectators, and then throw my arms out wide, toss my head back and sing Natasha Bedingfield's "Unwritten" because at that precise moment I think life is just swell and filled with endless possibilities. Naturally the accompaniment of my IPod makes me sound awesome.

I can think of plenty more, but these are just some of the most prominent that still often run through my mind. I'd love to know if anyone else has similar experiences with music. Make sure you comment so I can laugh at your expense too (kidding).
Have a great weekend.

Kristy :)

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  1. " after he picked such a mushy track and dragged me off to the movies to watch Madonna in "Evita", I should have seen the writing on the wall. "

    Gave me a sweet morning laugh, Kristy!

    Love your blog, I've been reading it for some time. xoxox, keep on WRITING!


Yes! I absolutely love your comments, and, now that I have read through the blogger instructions and actually know how to answer them, we are all sweet - so please, write!