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Saturday, 24 December 2011

Merry Christmas!

See? Even Santa reads The Hunted
This isn't a post today. I'm too busy packing for the holidays and dreaming about the food I'm going to eat on Christmas night. But I did want to wish everyone a very safe and happy Christmas. I wish you all big love and much thanks for your continued support of my blog.
Take care of yourselves - eat lots, drink plenty and generally just be merry!
P.S - If you didn't buy a copy of my book The Hunted to give as a Christmas gift, Santa's probably going to frown at you a lot. (Kidding. Not really)
Have a good one,

Kristy :)

Friday, 23 December 2011

Follow Friday #12

Happy Friday everyone!
Yes, it’s that time of week again where bloggers unite to participate in the Follow Friday venture. The idea behind #FF is to promote traffic to your own blog, make new friends with other like-minded bloggers and discuss new and interesting topics each week.
Participating is simple. First you need to follow my blog because I’m totally awesome, then you can follow me on Twitter @kristyberridge (actually you don’t have to do this, it’s wishful thinking), but do follow my blog or assassins will get you …
Then you must follow our illustrious hosts Rachel of and Alison of If you want more details on how to enter your own blog in the follow and hop, all directions are on their webpages
Now, once you’ve followed, check out my answer to this week’s questions and don’t forget to leave a comment so I can do the right thing and follow you back!

This week's question: If you had to spend eternity in the pages of a book, which book would you choose and why?

Answer: Truthfully? I think Harry Potter is an awesome answer. I mean who wouldn't want to run around the halls of Hogwarts, wave wands and fly on broomsticks? But if I had to spend eternity in someone else's shoes, it would probably be Laurell K Hamilton's 'Anita Blake Vampire Hunter' series. Not only is Anita too cool for school, she's shacking up with just about every supernatural entity in St Louis. So I think an eternity of being a badass and bedding a different hottie every day of the week wouldn't be so bad. At least, I think I'd try really hard to make it work ...

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Naughty or Nice?

Well, Christmas is upon us - That special time of the year when everyone is particularly cheerful and definitely more friendly and helpful than usual.
I am one of those people.
It's not that I love Christmas. I simply love the holidays brought upon by public banishment against work. I'm not super nice because Santa's coming. I'm super nice because I don't have to see you until the New Year!
Yes, I know. That sounds terribly unsociable and not particularly nice. But when you work in the public sector and meet a whole bunch of crazy people day in and day out - holidays are a Christmas miracle.
So, naughty or nice?
Well, it's been brought to my attention in recent days that I'm naughty. This of course is a completely foreign concept to me that has only recently been explained. You see, in my job I smile a lot. I try to be extra friendly and I give everyone the attention they deserve. Sometimes my face hurts from the effort, and sometimes I want to blow my brains out. Yet despite my seemingly innocent efforts to make everyone who comes into my work comfortable and welcomed, apparently I've been more than a little accommodating.
Little did I know that my work shirt gapes when I bend forward to fill in paperwork. So there are always smiling faces all round, especially now that I know that my totties have been making an appearance for several years now. And, I never would have known if it wasn't for the one guy recently gripping the counter top and hanging his head over the edge, his face practically buried in what I assumed was very well concealed cleavage.
I guess not.
So it now stands to reason that you really can't be nice without being just a little bit naughty, even if you reeeeallllly didn't mean it.
I suppose that also means I'd better crank up the smiling another notch now that the peep show is over - Don't want to disappoint the customers at Christmas. After all, I'm being paid to be nice ;)
Have a good one everyone!

Kristy :)