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Saturday, 5 September 2020

Alone, lonely or just being alone

Since the Covid pandemic hit the globe, the act of being alone or feeling lonely has come under the spotlight. Although every Country’s restrictions may differ, here in Australia we’ve dabbled in social distancing and full isolation in an effort to stop the curve. Whether these safety measures are proving successful or not, being alone has become a part of everyday life for some.

Isolation has forged new avenues of creativity in the form of communication, causing many to flourish in business, professionally and personally. Can we honestly call ourselves lonely with greater access to community and audience than ever before? What if you’re a bumbling idiot regarding technology or don’t have access to the web? Should we not consider this minority group cut off from everyone at risk of being lonely, not just alone?

We need to remember that we didn’t always have technology. We used to communicate via phone or drop in on our neighbours and friends. And, in this time of social distancing, it only takes a second to wave at the creeper across the street or write a letter to the old woman with no family in a nursing home.

Covid shouldn’t have made us better at making money and utilising technology. It should have made us humble and more considerate of those around us.

Kristy 😀