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Saturday, 6 April 2013

Diary of a Teenage Zombie - Synopsis

Hi Guys,

So you all know by now that I'm trying to crowd fund for this latest novel I've penned - Diary of a Teenage Zombie. I've gotta say, I'm really proud of this one, I even crack myself up. I've managed to jam action, gore, romance and witty banter into a 60,000 word novel that I can honestly say will put a smile on your dial.
The release is set for August this year, and there will be no delays because I'm producing the venture myself, albeit hopefully with the help of my lovely fans, family and friends who are currently pledging a couple of bucks here and there to try and make this happen (Click POZIBLE widget on the left side of the page, and donate for good karma)
Anyway, I've decided to leak little snippets of information along the way to light your excitement fires since I'm still a long way off my goal of raising $8000. Today I have the completed synopsis. Next week? Maybe an excerpt, so stay tuned because this novel is happening!

Dear Diary. Today I ate the mailman. My bad.
Being seventeen is hard―Katie Palmer has to deal with school, pimples, hormonal boys, and malicious cheerleaders. After the Zombie Apocalypse, though, she no longer sweats the usual teenage drama.
Athletics star by day and flesh-eater by night, Katie’s done well to hide her transformation from friends and Zone-sanctioned security, but now someone or something’s onto her secret and if she doesn’t feed soon she’ll start falling apart.
Dead bodies are piling up and all the evidence points to Katie’s blood-stained hands. Will she end up killing the competition before security discovers she’s rotten underneath?

Again, thank you all for taking the time to check out my Pozible crowd funding venture - a great way to support poor authors like me and promote opportunity for the arts.
Have a great weekend,

Kristy :)