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Tuesday, 28 April 2020

Hi everyone,

It’s finally here … THE DELIVERED!

The Delivered is the final novel in the series “The Hunted”.

If you are interested in the paperback version, please copy this link: and paste it into the address bar in your Internet browser.

If you are interest in the eBook version, then copy this link as above:

I promise this delivers an exciting conclusion to this marvellous series. A little taste of what to expect within the book…

Life is a swift lesson, one that Elena Manory has finally begun to understand and one that she willingly gave up in the name of love.
She’s now in Purgatory, confronted by the demons of her past and the possibilities of her future, forced to choose between her soul mate and a twisted version of the life she has left behind. But the world of her past has been ravaged by war, the Vampires and werewolves forming an unlikely alliance in the face of so much adversity. Too much has changed and Elena is not only uncertain of herself, but the expectations of others and the role they expect her to play.
 Will Elena stand by her decision, follow her heart and spend eternity in the arms of the one she loves? Or will she fall back to earth, stand by her brother’s side and win the ultimate battle between a life worth living and a life worth changing?

Don’t miss the opportunity of obtaining this book, you won’t be disappointed.

Enjoy – Stephanie