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Sunday, 15 January 2017

10. Money
Despite this thought process undoubtedly earning me a slap in the head from my mother, money really does ease many a burden of the low-income earner. I’m not talking about excessive bulges of cash in the wallet to toss at strippers or waste on Pokies at the casino, I’m talking about just that little bit of injection to help alleviate bills—enough that you don’t have to work full time and thus can spend more time doing the things that make you happy.
9. Family
Having a family, being with family, sending family to exile. No matter your vice, having family either near or far will generally put a smile on your dial. There’s very few people in the world that will understand your eccentricities and even accept them and for those of you that hate your DNA buddies, at least you just made Christmas shopping simpler.
8. Holidays
I don’t think there’s a single soul on the planet that could say that they hate going on a holiday and, if you just so happen to be one of those people who doesn’t happen to enjoy luxuriating in the benefits of free time in a foreign place, then clearly you’re the devil incarnate.
7. Exercise
I can’t imagine this is high on the list of those that favour the couch to pounding the pavement, but exercise is almost certainly a must to happiness. Not only does it promote good health both inside and out, it also feeds the body endorphins—good for sufferers of depression or those susceptible to funks of laziness.
6. Cooking
I would have said ‘food’ as 99.9% of people in existence enjoy the process of eating, but there’s something special about cooking. Not only is there a sense of self-satisfaction when the dish has been accomplished, it’s a widely accepted extension of friendship and a communal way to enjoy the company of others. Cooking can alleviate stress and also be a fantastic way to maintain a wholesome, well-balanced diet.
5. Music
Listening to music has been proven in studies to reduce stress and evoke a plethora of emotions in those engaged. Music has been around in some form or another for centuries, enhanced by time and contemporary arrangement, but the effects still remain the same—a must do to promote ongoing happiness.
4. Looking through old photos
Nothing is more nostalgic than dipping into funky-smelling photo albums of your past or into those of the people you love and exploring a past not always forgotten, but re-written in the present’s ink. So often the memories of yesteryear are photographed because they captured a moment in time encapsulating happiness. Need I say more?
3. Sitting by the Seaside
Warm sand between the toes, cool waters lapping over your skin while the heat of the midday sun beats down upon your brow? What could be better than lazy days at the beach alone or with friends and family? It’s the prefect sanctuary for time out and to reconnect with those you don’t always see.
2. Date nights
Been a while since things were a little saucy between the sheets or you and your partner weren’t engrossed in social media? Then go on a date night. I indulge every week without fail to not only re-establish your reasons for being together, but to re-connect on an intimate and personal level that is often over-looked with kids and busy, consumer-driven lives.
1. Friends
I have left this last on the list because friends should never be taken for granted, but always be high on your list of priorities regardless. All of the things listed above can be enjoyed with friends and family and should be entered into often and without second thought … except date night … inviting anyone who isn’t your partner to bat lashes out or play footsies under the table with is just plain weird.