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Sunday, 10 June 2018

All My Movies

I have been involved within the IT Industry for over 40 years, and I have had my fare share and opportunities of beta testing a number of software programs. To date, I can honestly say that ‘All My Movies’ is right up there as being one of the best.
Let me elaborate, firstly the thing that I like the most about this program is the graphics – one of only a few programs, which is highly detailed without being too busy. The movie covers provided can be viewed any size from very small to very large, also should you wish to do so you can import your own graphics or pictures. Additionally, If you want to change the layout or the display of your movies, then you’re in for a treat as there is a wide selection of themes that can be utilised ensuring your movie catalogue collection will look just exactly as you want it to.
The other aspect of this program that I like is the ‘detail.’ If you are a movie buff or enthusiast and want lots of information or history about a movie, then you will appreciate the immediate download capabilities and the extensive information, about not only the movie but also the cast, studio information, technical details, in fact the list is endless about the presentation visual values. The written information downloaded is presented in a legible way that even the short sighted of us can enjoy.
How do you get the information into the program you ask? Simple, the beauty of this program is that you can download information by entering the title or you can scan your hard drive and let the program find any stored movie files that you may have. Either solution is more than satisfactory in fact; it can expedite an enormous amount of time and energy.
Have you ever started to use a program and become frustrated simply because of its useability? It is refreshing to come across a program that has an interface that is both easy and enjoyable to use.  As an example, many ways have been provided in this program to search your collection in order to find that special movie you are looking for.  Some of these search options include, title, genre, cast member, by year, or how about your favourite director, then you can choose this option as well.  Finding the information that you need, I mean, where does the program get its information? All programs of this type use IMDb (Internet Movie Database), however, ‘All My Movies’ is more intuitive in that it can use IMDb but it can also utilise other online movie databases of your choosing, in fact 14 – a rather nice feature don’t you think?
An outstanding feature of this program is its ability to be viewed on your mobile phone allowing you to take your collection with you. In fact, it covers both the iPhone, Android and iPad – an attractive feature if you are travelling away or discussing a movie with a mate.
I am sure that money is just as important to you as it is to me. I believe that this program is one of the most affordable programs that I have seen to date – with other programs, you can spend over $100 or more and not necessarily acquire all the features that I have mentioned above, however, ‘All My Movies’ will only cost you USD $39.95 and this allows you to run it on two computers. An excellent choice for your movie collection.