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Saturday, 18 May 2019

Old is The New Young

Have you read all the proverbial crap that supposedly supports older individuals back into the workplace? Well platitudes and examples of pros and cons are not enough without genuine meaning if you write them. It simply is not true! Companies do not want older workers because society has been dumbed down to think that the oldies are addled, befuddled and bygones.

Older people can offer wisdom, skills, and an ability to listen and assimilate information well. Everyone undergoes training in a job, why have companies been brainwashed into assuming that oldies are too old to learn technology, and no, not everyone is ready to retire because the Government states they have to, or they can no longer get work because they are too old.  In addition, another unfathomable thing, they are usually not deaf or dumb. Why is it then that most of Gen X & Y automatically raise their supercilious voices and act as if they are speaking to a moron?

Older people are more likely to stick around longer, they are more likely to be happy with the position they have been offered – they are no longer in the business of cutting another’s throat or stabbing someone in the back to get to the top.

Even in old age, it turns out, our brains have more plasticity to adapt and learn. In short, it turns out that old dogs can learn new tricks. Older people respect and appreciate education more than perhaps the Gen X & Y – certainly, it is too soon to see how Gen Z will go.

Now if the above does not prompt you to re-think your stance on the golden oldies, and if money is your bag, then think of it this way if you brought back in older workers to your companies, then it could return $78 billion a year to the economy. Just saying!

It just takes one intelligent, proactive individual in a position of strength or power to make changes that will improve the life of a golden oldie, increased appreciation between the generations and in the process improve our economy.