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Saturday, 2 February 2013

Pocahontas - Part II

So I promised I would regale you all with my tale of becoming Pocahontas. If you haven't read my post about two weeks ago then you can check it out here, but if you have then you might be wondering how my night went.
A quick recap - I, Kristy Berridge, was invited to an eighteenth birthday party filled with bar hopping Disney characters. Minnie Mouse, Esmeralda, Cruella and Tinkerbell were along for the ride - my friends dressed in their most favoured of the Disney bunch, the aim - to party on into the wee hours of the morning.
Mission accomplished for some.
First off, you may recall that the dress code was 'slutty Disney'. I had no idea how to make Pocahontas slutty, I mean she already wears next to nothing, I was already doing the character a favour by adding a bra and a pair of shoes to the ensemble. Team that with a pair of Spanx and a much longer dress and Pocahontas was practically running the convent, so I guess I blew it in that regard.

Moving onto the initial stages of the night and I find myself arguing with a bouncer outside when of my cities busiest nightclubs. The big guy won't let me in, not because I look like a super tool but because he wanted to card me. Naturally at thirty I don't even bother carrying ID since it's been about ten years since someone, anyone mistook me for a teen. Perplexed, I stood there adamant that he take a closer look at me, observe my wrinkles and the credit card in my wallet otherwise unobtainable unless age appropriate.

Ten minutes later and I'm standing on the curb outside by myself, angrily dialing hubby to fetch me my driver's licence. Twenty minutes after that and I'm shoving it under the big guy's nose with a, 'Ha! Told you I was over eighteen!'. He didn't especially give a crap and waved me on in.
The rest of the night passed by in a blur, drinking out of tea pots, riding the party bus, watching other people dance, frowning at the too loud music, getting groped by unknowns and of course, exiting the scene by no later than 11.00pm. That's right, I carried my tired feet and grandma-eye-baggies back to my hotel room, sent a quick text to John Smith (hubby) and was fast asleep by midnight.

All in all, a great night was had by all, even if I once again proved why this thirty year old usually stays home on a Saturday night.
Have a great weekend everyone,

Kristy :)

Friday, 1 February 2013

Follow Friday #55

Happy Friday everyone! 
Yes, it’s that time of week again where bloggers unite to participate in the Follow Friday venture. The idea behind #FF is to promote traffic to your own blog, make new friends with other like-minded bloggers and discuss new and interesting topics each week.
Participating is simple. First you need to follow my blog because I’m totally awesome, then you can follow me on Twitter @kristyberridge (actually you don’t have to do this, it’s wishful thinking), but do follow my blog or assassins will get you …
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Now, once you’ve followed, check out my answer to this week’s questions and don’t forget to leave a comment so I can do the right thing and follow you back!


My Answer: Well, since my favourite books-to-date are written by Stacia Kane, I'd probably sh#$t myself. Why? Because The Downside Ghosts series are all about creepy rituals, magic, violence, murder and a shady drug trade. I'm just not cut out for that sort of thing, although, I wouldn't mind a little wander around Laurell K Hamilton's books just for the super hot guys and no apology policy for blowing someone's head off that seriously pisses you off.

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Book Review: The Shadow Of Tiamat by Sean Poindexter

Let me start this review with my laugh-out-loud moment. Picture this, a dark, stormy night and two dragons battling it out for supremacy - one trying to kill an innocent woman, the other in love with her. The sky is filled with the shadow of their menace and the surrounding scrub is littered with their spilt blood. While the human - Megan - watches on, the dragons fight using everything in their surroundings to inflict carnage.
Now, during this intense moment, a spined tail flicks out, secures Megan's car in it's grip and hoists it into the air, spinning it with impossible force and strength at its opponent. A semi-serious moment and Megan yells out, 'Hey! My purse was in there!'
I was seriously in stitches for about twenty minutes.
The Shadow Of Tiamat is a surprising novel, best described as a Paranormal Romance that puts Sean Poindexter right up there with some of the best - Kerri Arthur and Sherrilyn Kenyon.
I was surprised how easy the novel read, despite that I was originally prejudiced about a man writing romance from a woman's perspective. Granted Megan did like to touch herself a little more than a confused teenage boy, but the ever evolving emotions explored between characters, interlaced with the telling of what I believe will evolve into an interesting plot, sells the author's intent.
The Shadow Of Tiamat follows multiple person perspective so you are never shy of the action or any necessary information, though it does mostly follow the story of Megan - a human (or is she?) and Garrett - a dragon.
Pulled together by a twist in fate, Megan has already found herself entangled unknowingly in the world of supernatural element. Discovering Garrett's secret and opening her mind to the possibilities of his existence also invites the acceptance of other creatures and their agendas.
Mostly a novel wrapped in the heady scent of sex and romance, there are some strong foundations for a an easy continuation in the series. With the introduction of vampiric elements and a seriously twisted agenda from higher ranking dragons, Sean Poindexter has crafted a novel with enduring possibilities.
Although I did cringe at some of the character interactions - jarred by the sometimes inconsistent use of language and often confusing switch between demure female lead, and dirty porn-mouth sex kitten, I still rather enjoyed the intensity of the romance, the solidarity of Garrett and his character consistency, as well as the off-hand commentary that regularly made me laugh or smile.
I happily rate this novel three out of five fangs.


On a dark Ozark highway, two souls meet in tragedy and find their lives are connected to things bigger than them both. Megan Crunk, a social worker from Joplin, uncovers vampires preying on a small community. That same day, she meets Garrett, a fascinating stranger who is clearly more than he seems. But, as Meg slowly learns, so is she...
Garrett Terago is an ancient dragon, and until now, content with the secluded Ozark mountains. Disguised as a human, but rarely paying them heed, until he meets Megan. He offers her love and protection from the vampires but can he keep her safe from his own kind? 
War looms between the dragons. Some long for a time lost to prehistory, when they were worshiped as gods, masters of the world. Somehow, Garrett is instrumental to their plans and Megan is in their way.