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Saturday, 6 April 2019

The Why For Writers

The world we live in is complex, full of different and diverse people, rampant emotions and conflictions. Why would you write?

I think that writers of today need to be a bit of a tough nut in order to cope with the criticism so easily dispersed via the Internet and other social media outlets. Are writers so driven by their own inner dialogue to let out their story as to not to worry about the thoughts of others? Yes, I think so….toughened as I said. I believe the obsession is the story that rattles around upstairs; and the undertaking of putting words to paper, the compulsion.

I have watched Kristy immerse herself within her writing to the exclusion of absolutely everything around her. She once said to me that she visualizes her characters, where they are and what they are doing, this involves all her senses to create an environment where she has immersed herself or become involved. This interaction and involvement creates the very atmosphere of exclusion and in turn, this seems to compel her to write at an almost manic speed so that she can get everything down that she needs to.

The hardest part of writing is not about having a published book. It is about the story! They say that anyone with a story can write a book! I wonder. If you feel that you have something to say, do it, put pen to paper and create. Remember, it is the pull of the yarn, how the characters interact into the fabric of your narrative and what it is that has captured the reader’s attention that is important. If you can grab the reader’s attention, then you are half way there.

It has been my experience, that through writing, writers have the potential of building bonds with other like-minded individuals.

Happy writing.