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Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Everything is Pozible!

So some of you may have noticed that I have been crowd-funding for one of my up and coming releases 'Diary of a Teenage Zombie'. To say that I have been successful is an understatement and only because of the support and love from the multiple friends, family and book lovers out there.
Now thanks to the wonderful people listed below, I now have the opportunity to continue producing this novel and quite probably the next novel in The Hunted Series. I cannot thank you all enough for your contribution and will literally be shouting your names from on high for a very long time.

Robert Deskoski
Roy Smith - two generous pledges under the belt!
Maki Nakagoshi
Ebony Gardner
Emma Power - two very generous pledges to assist!
Glen Jackson
Anna Garratt
Sharn Swain - An absolute legend with one of the highest pledges aimed entirely at support!
Colleen Clarke
Cherie & John Fransen
Vicki Wenmoth
Stephanie & Peter Jackson - The most generous pledge of the entire pozible campaign.
Kathie Wright
Yuri Kurokawa
John Hundley
Seiara Berridge
Christina Davidson - two very generous pledges in support of a friend
Lauren Huston
Penny Miles
Chantelle Davidson
Kelly Mills
Cherie Curtis
Jany Thao
Dr Gavin Le Sueur
Donna Rondeau
Estelle Le Sueur - With an extraordinary pledge that knocked my socks off!
Narelle Mills
Dr Grant Golombick - an extremely generous pledge from a great friend
Shoko Iwabuchi
Alysha Wincen
Hope Lawrance
Soraya Mills
Amanpreet Suaan
Dr Sami Moid
Kev Webb
Wynys Davidson
Dr Donna Usher - A generous pledger with a big heart determined to see me succeed!
Kathryn Francis
Peter Jackson
Alissa Jaye
Liz Daniel
Kylie & Dan Thompson
Damien Gray
Ann-Marie Boland
Marinda Bronkhorst
Paul Berridge - a super generous pledge, thank you!

(Anonymous) - There were five anonymous donations all together. I respect your right to privacy and won't drop names, but I know who you are, and thank you for your support!

I'd also like to give a special mention to Navaro Berridge who offered more love and support than anyone can ever hope to ask for. Thanks a million. I couldn't have done this without you.

Thank you again guys!

Kristy :)