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Friday, 7 October 2016

Hi everyone,
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Why don't you get your hands on volume 2 - The Damned and volume 3 - The Aligned in the Hunted series too. 

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We do hope that you enjoy this amazing offer.  As always, we appreciate any feedback you may have. :)

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Picture this; my wet salty tears streaming in abundance now that my holiday has come to an end. I explored a bit of Europe, enjoyed the chill weather and rather had a breakdown the moment I realised it was all over. Now that I’m back in my day job (since writing doesn’t exactly line the pockets) I’m feeling rather annoyed that reality has snuck in and taken me hostage; I say hostage because I simply cannot eat without a job and I do like my food …
The upside, (because I think it’s important to find a silver lining) is that my best friend came for a week-long stay intersecting with my return. Some would consider it poor timing with the suitcases barely emptied and the house covered in travel paraphernalia to receive a visitor, but The Cockney and I are all about rolling with the moment. So, with a million loads of washing still on the go and the mattresses exploding in plumes of dust when sitting on them, she jumped on board with our jetlag and slotted into our return to life.
While we slaved away at work all day, she chilled on our sofa or visited old friends. She even helped with the cleaning which I certainly didn’t expect, but was super grateful since The Cockney is the ultimate adult child and makes more mess than a Piñata. Seriously, he has more clothes changes in one day than a supermodel and goes through socks because he thinks it’s the solution to cleaning the floors.

One day I will introduce him to the hoover.

Anyway, amongst having to earn a crust and trying to be social, I found her presence amazing therapy after the monotony of having to resume the formalities of everyday life, but like all good things they come to an end. Just like my holiday, she left me in a flurry of tears and I wondered if it was good for my emotional health to keep surrendering to this rollercoaster of highs and lows, but then I realised something. It’s these moments; the holidays and time spent with good friends that make you appreciate how few and far between the dark moments in life really are. In the last two months I have laughed one hundred times more than I have cried, but it’s often forgotten in times of misery.
So, to sum up; enjoy life­­­­. Don't waste tears on anything that isn't permanent and laugh as often as possible; it’s good for you.