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Saturday, 17 August 2013

School Night Antics

I'm kinda annoyed right now. I wrote this fabulously succinct post about 'school night antics', otherwise known as 'shirking responsibility', and Blogger decided to be an ass and not save my document.
Thus I now start again with less enthusiasm. Perhaps because I feel thoroughly robbed of the good twenty minutes it took to write the original post.
Anyway,  rant over.  I'll simmer in private,  victimize ants and kick dirty clothes all over the living room.
So 'school night antics' is a summation of my predisposed notions of tucking in at night,  eating peanut butter and watching television versus exploring other options despite the alarm clock due to blow my mind in four or five hours time.
Perhaps childhood instilled the deep seated need to be indoors from Monday to Friday rather than soaking up the possibilities of after dark entertainment. But the ill-conceived belief that my head might explode if I stay up past bedtime has been shattered.
I went out. On a school night. And the world didn't end. 
However, on this new journey of self discovery I've entered into in recent months,  it's become clear that although my body appears to be up to the task of partying me into the wee hours and still functioning like a sensible adult the next day, my common sense sometimes gets left behind. Thus a few delicious cocktails,  wine,  dinner and a barrel of laughs with good friends = I totally forgot I was my own designated driver. Needless to say that I now welcome the possibility of new experiences, explore options that may offer brief glimpses of belly-clutching laughs and face-changing smiles,  but the trick is not to get lost in the vastness of forgotten responsibility.
What say you? 
Have a good one everyone,

Kristy ;)