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Sunday, 8 January 2017

Donald Trump!
So Donald Trump made it; President elect and the first orange man to run the United States of America.
Despite what you may think of him personally, the people of America have spoken and they have decided their ultimate leader.

I’m not personally politically savvy enough to have too much of an opinion about this man and it certainly wouldn’t be fair to do so as my assumptions would be based entirely on watching Celebrity Apprentice and current exploits via the news or internet marketing. I will say this though; never has an election sparked so much world-wide outrage and conflicting opinion. For the first time since September eleven, the entire world was watching the movements of the United States and praying for their safety and the safety of their own country’s future financial security.

How can one man bear the burden of so much responsibility and also be the possible catalyst for the ruin of not just one nation but many?

The question is on everyone’s lips and the result of this presidential election is proof that the old adage of parents telling you that you can be or do anything in life really rings true. I remember I once thought about being a Marine Biologist. I believed it was as easy as donning a mask and snorkel and swimming with a pod of Dolphins. Despite Donald Trump’s numerous business successes, he must have had someone whispering in his ear that he could run an entire country and all it would take was a suit and tie, a fistful of bigotry and a new wig to make it happen. You certainly can’t blame the man for trying when it appears it’s as simple as that.

I suppose it means that policies and political opinions aren’t really important either in debates or victories. The BBC News recently reported that twenty-four of Donald Trump’s pre-elective promises and bizarre beliefs have now been recanted in light of his recent elected state. For example: Mexico should build a great wall to prevent criminals and rapists from entering the US. In the wake of terrorist attacks in San Bernardino, Muslims should also be banned from the country. Should I even mention climate change? I’m sorry … Donald Trump believes this is just ‘weather’ and climate change is a hoax. I’m not even going to mention his apparent indiscretions or numerous sexual misconduct charges recently raised against him.

The point really is that the majority of this powerful nation has voted Donald Trump in to incite some sort of major change and to shake the very foundations that this great nation was built upon. As an outsider looking in, I’m both highly surprised by this outcome and yet supremely curious to see where his victory will lead. Donald Trump now has the opportunity to lead his country into a new revolution of ideas, greater acceptance and progressive change, but he also has the power to divide its multicultural and multiracial residents to incite another civil war.
Let’s just hope this man surrounds himself with plenty of varied and smarter intellectuals to lead the United States of America into a bright and positive future.

Kristy J