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Monday, 22 June 2015

A comeback?

Apologies to one and all that have once, or still do, follow my blog. I really do hope that none of you sat tapping mild-mannered toes while holding your breath in the hopes that perhaps this lazy author may one day post a blog.
Alas, here it is, but of course, it's under duress. My manager is literally sitting next to me, a sling-shot poised at my temple in the hopes that I will once again entertain and delight people with what he describes as my warped sense of humour. I'm not too sure how successful I'll be with a matchbox car tensioned on a bit of rubber rope only millimeters from the sweet spot. Though, I will give my manager his dues. Not only is he creative enough to threaten my life with Hot-wheels, but he's hoping to inspire a whole new host of readers to this site and hopefully to devour my books ... (Not actually eat them though, I don't think books are a good source of nutrition and the ink will most definitively stain your underwear on the way back out).
Death threats and dietary fiber aside, it's fair to say that I have been more than a little slack at updating this site. A whole host of cool and interesting things went down since I last posted in 2013. I got divorced, figured out the mysteries of where Cabbage Patch dolls actually come from, went on some pretty cool holidays to Borneo, Costa Rica and the United States, hand-reared a unicorn, and shot my neighbour.
Of course, this is not an excuse for my inattention, but it's also not a promise of exciting blogs to come. I seem to find a million ways to fill my days and weekends and its not entirely based on writing. I will try to produce at least one blog per month, but since I generally spend every day of the week that ends in 'day' cow-tipping or chasing small children with a stick, I may sometimes forget.
So here I am ... back for now and apparently free to move around the room again now that the slingshot's been lowered.
Chat soon,

Kristy :)