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Monday, 19 September 2016

To say that I'm organised is a massive understatement. I make lists and fulfill their requirements and my house is always tidy and organised---my work space, even more considered. So, when I started using my spare time to write blogs while on holiday and then lost all of them due to dodgy Wi-Fi, you can imagine my discontent.

Mornings that should have been spent luxuriating in bed being fondled by The Cockney were actually spent madly typing my ongoing ridiculousness. Thus on the morning when I clicked the 'send' button in my email to hastily send documents loaded with hilarity and they failed and then disappeared as quickly as my pay check during a shoe sale, The Cockney saw a new and very colourful side of me.

I'm not sure what appalled him more; my overall collective use of the 'F' word in various, descriptive sentences or the amount of hotel furniture I threatened to turn into kindling.

Of course there is a moral to this story which every idiot like me knows off by heart, but remembering to save or back-up your device when hurrying through the motions to get on with the business of enjoying a holiday really is on the back-burner of prioritisation.
Hence, my sexless, but literary brilliant morning had been swallowed by a rookie error in organisation.

Now I sit in my airplane seat sandwiched between a comatose Cockney and a fat Hungarian wearing a plaid hat, saving my documents every time the seat belt sign switches on or off---a little reminder not to be so unorganised in the future.

Kristy ;)

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