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Saturday, 18 February 2012

Book Review: The Deadliest Bite by Jennifer Rardin

Sadly this is the last book in the Jaz Park's series by Jennifer Rardin. It has been a long journey with eight books in total - all of them full of suspense, action and believe it or not, side splitting humour. I will be saddened never to turn the pages of this author's words again, Jennifer Rardin having died on September 20th 2010.
The deadliest bite culminates the adventures of Jaz Parks, a fiery red head and CIA agent intricately bound to her vampire partner Vayl, the world's deadliest assassin led by personal agenda and supernatural instincts. The two of them together are explosive, sexual tension runs high, and additional characters with interesting skill sets mark the scenes and subplots with plenty of hilarity, violence and all round ... fun.
Although this book and others in this series are burning with action and non stop agenda, I found myself smiling just about every few pages. I had plenty of laugh out loud moments, thanks to the very talented and witty writing style of the author who managed to make sarcasm and down right silliness seem endlessly amusing. I was also just as entangled in the more serious moments within the novel, although at times, admittedly I did grow impatient with some of the inner dialogue. The main character, Jaz, seemed to have a party of people that lived within her head. It wasn't confusing, just sometimes a distraction from the main flow of text that I felt almost obliged to skip over to keep the story moving forward.
Rather than spill the entire guts of the last novel's plot lines, I thought I'd post the synopsis for perusal. The reason being is that I didn't want to ruin the context of all the stories if you haven't read any of the books from this series before. And yes, unfortunately this is not a series that you can pick up half way through and catch on. You need to start at the beginning to fully understand all the characters, the progress in relationships, and the twists and turns that ultimately lead Jaz and Vayl on missions across the globe and into the underworld.
I give this particular book four out of five stars - an all round great intelligent read with enough content to keep me laughing for days.

"I have two choices. Carve Brude's name into Hell's bile-encrusted gates or lose my soul"
After an assassination attempt on Vayl, I find myself pulled into a tangle web that takes the gang to Romania. So how will I save a ghost, rescue a demon, and cheat the Great Taker out of a soul he's slavering for while defeating my nastiest foe yet so that Vayl can, at last, cherish a few precious years with his sons?
With careful planning, major violence, and one (hopefully) final trip to hell.

Anyway, Happy weekend, hope you get into this series as much as I did.

Kristy :)


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  2. Hmmmm, hadn't heard about this series. I'll have to check it out! Thanks for the review!

  3. Hey! Thanks for the follow. I read this and was interested but really needed the backstory. Sad about her passing. FOllowing back! Steph


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