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Sunday, 28 August 2016

Beautiful Paris

So here we are; me and The Cockney, still basking in the glory of the city of love.
The lingering smell of Indian faecal matter has been replaced with sweat-stained clothes and a tub of soy yogurt left unattended.

Not romantic? You're probably right, but as I frown at the now black rear-end of my favourite pair of shorts, I reminisce about its happenstance; a bike ride through Parisian streets in forty degree heat, smiling lovingly at The Cockney as the perspiration in my pants gathers momentum.

The River Seine now taking up permanent residence in my undercarriage, we take in the extraordinary cabaret show at The Moulin Rouge. Feathers, sequins and abundant displays of nipple tantalise; so much so that I contemplate blinding The Cockney with his beer bottle as he grins excessively.

Finally hitting the hay and I am pleased to report that although sleep overcame us both rather quickly, so did The Cockney's exuberance to repeat the cabaret show within our hotel room. The sequins and costumes were absent, but the enthusiasm was more than present as his ear-sucking techniques led to the ingestion of one of my favourite pair of earrings--just another reason to celebrate 100 Days of Happiness ...

Kristy ;)

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Since writing 100 Days of Happiness, a lot of things have changed in my life. Not exactly an understatement as life does move forward for everyone, but it's been an adjustment. A part of me thought that after the emotional roller-coaster finally ended that I would be different--fundamentally changed, but I'm still an idiot.
I arrived in Paris yesterday, otherwise known as the city of love and while The Cockney and I occasionally held hands, nibbled on baguettes together and perused icons of interest, we were both in bed by 9:00 pm, out to the world and sleeping solo.
The romanticism of my soul expected wine sipping on our little balcony and hours of fornication, but reality dictated and subsequently annihilated my ideals. BBC was our ambience and the slight waft of passing French curry was the perfume from our bathroom.
As I drifted off to sleep--unsated and sober--it occurred to me that my idiocy was re-birthed from forgetfulness. My creative mind had taken hold and raised expectations and completely dismissed the magic of actuality.
I was with my Cockney, in Paris, seeing the most amazing things and safe in his arms as I slept soundly in feathered cushioning. Did I really need a glass of red and a good bonking?

Hell yes. I'm in bloody Paris!

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

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Monday, 15 August 2016

The countdown is on for Kristy our Editor to head to chilly England for a hectic holiday exploring the region and surrounding countries. She assures us that she will be back, but my guess, she will likely be: a) Rugged up to ward off the cold, b) On a beach in sunny Spain, drink in hand, or c) Off to Paris for a tour of the Lourve. Will she be in touch, sending us her love in a blog? Hmmm, probably not. I expect she'll be too busy having fun! Stephanie :)

Well hello there!
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